Email And Newsletters

Email marketing

There are number of ways of building an email marketing database. Avoid buying email marketing database online, as you might not receive the desired results you want. What you want to build is a targeted, clean and voluntary database of users.

This can be done by allowing users to subscribe to your newsletter directly through your website, or giving them the option during a sign up process or purchase, or creating a competition and to enter, the user subscribes to your newsletter.

There's many ways of building a database of potential customers. The main point is to ensure it's a clean and fully opt-in. You must remember that you probably already have a database of emails that you can start email marketing to... your existing customers. It's a proven marketing concept that it's easier to up-sell or cross-sell to an existing customer, than it is to acquire a completely new customer. You could analyse your existing customer database, divide them into groups and initiate email marketing to attract those customers to other products/services you offer. If you're not utilising this simple marketing technique, this may be something you could explore today.

Tools for tracking marketing campaigns

Managing your email marketing campaign is actually easier than you might think. The process involves designing your email layout with your brand in mind and setting it out with the content structure you plan to send. We could help you how to create your promotions, add your content, select your recipients and preview your campaign. You can then set up and send as many promotions as you require, and we're here to help, should you need it.

Once the promotions are send, you'll have access to industry standard reports to show you your campaign open rates, click rates, as well as exactly who opened your mail and who clicked links. This is great feedback for you to learn what works with your subscribers, so you can refine your future campaigns for better success. So, if you haven't yet utilized the power of email marketing, maybe it's time you consider making it part of your overall marketing strategy.


A great way of keeping in touch with your customers, existing and potential, is to use a regular email newsletter, fully customized with your logo, colors and branding. By staying in touch with your customers and bringing your offerings directly to them, you have the ability to use reminder advertising in a cost effective way.

With a well planned email marketing campaign, you can bring visitors back to your website, focus them on particular offers, services or products, and bring content to them that they may not find on their own initiative.