Search Engine Optimization

Standard SEO practice

There are many techniques that are employed to ensure a website receives a good SEO score. These include: Proper page titles, keywords, description and h1 tags. Separation of content (HTML) from styling (CSS), and behaviour (JavaScript). SEO friendly URLs and acceptable URLs. Provision of a sitemap XML file and robots.txt file for the search engines to read. Set up of Google Webmaster Tools and analysis of data. Implementation of page loading with speeding techniques. For all our sites, we give you the ability to control your site content, including SEO titles, keywords and descriptions on every page. This allows you to override any values we have set up for you and manage the SEO yourself, if you wish. We can also advise you on common SEO practice, so that you can actively manage your own SEO on an ongoing basis, which many of our clients do.

Page Load Speed

Google and other search engines have put an increasing importance on page speed as a factor for determining a sites rank in their results (SERPs). Google (and other services) provides us with bench marks and tools to test page load speed, and suggestions on how we can improve it. As standard, we employ the following page load speed techniques to help speed up your website: HTML, CSS & Javascript minification zipping of files on the server CSS sprites & image optimisation Browser caching of page resources Limit file requests from the server Defer loading of javascript. Some of that may sound technical but that's what we're here to do. We ensure that we employ these techniques to make your site run faster, and in turn not only give your visitors a better experience, but also get some brownie points from Google and other search engines

External SEO Factors

There are a number of SEO factors that website owners should be aware of that can help boost their rankings in the search engines. Often, this is a time consuming process and we encourage all our clients to invest some time in working on a marketing plan to help promote their website online.

This includes getting links from other websites, getting users to link to content on twitter, encouraging visitors to +1 their pages on Google, and allowing users to share your content by liking your pages through Facebook. All of these external techniques help promote your content, gain traffic, and show the search engine what pages are popular.

We don't know exactly how Google's algorithms work but we do know that all these external factors contribute to your search engine ranking. Working out a strategy for building visitors is something we can help you with.