Social Media Advice

Context for Social Media

Despite all the hype, Social Media is really just another very shiny, new marketing tactic. Its value needs to be assessed in relative terms as opposed to absolute terms, i.e. is there some activity you could be undertaking that would deliver an even better return than Social Media?

The Opportunity

Once you have established that you are a business that can benefit from Social Media, the next step is to come up with a great plan. Done right, Social Media can open you up to brand new customers, help you build your brand with existing customers, increase average spend per customer and a whole lot more. And, we've seen some incredible returns in recent years for relatively modest investments in terms of time and money.


Social Media has taken online marketing by storm in recent years. It has captured a decent percentage of marketers' advertising spend and this is growing exponentially. It can be a brilliant fit for certain business types while also being of limited value to other businesses. We have many clients successfully using social media and using it to deliver more customers to their businesses and retain existing ones. We also have clients that have never even opened a Social Media account. Therefore, the first step in the advice process is to assess what, if any, value can be created for your business by using Social Media. Best sites for social media are Facebook and Twitter, at the very top. Blogging and forum posting on most usable sites also boosts traffic to your site