Web Design & Development

Having a well designed and user-friendly website should be a vital component of your marketing. Seeing all of the client's business individually; the strengths and weakness can be known, market related could be reached, industry could flourish, etc., We form an effective plan for adding the website back into the marketing and business goals for you.

Designing the site

Once the plan and layout of the site is finalized, we move on to create a new website with your logo, colours, branding, etc. These designs are discussed and revised with your involvement, until signoff. We ensure that we have design layouts for each major section before proceeding.


Once the designs are finalized, they should be converted into coded templates, and should be tested before making the site public to ensure cross browser compatibility, working responsively for iPhone/iPad (if required), using the latest techniques for the swift loading of images, files and pages.

The benefit here is that you get the peace of mind that you have the extra resources and security you need, while still being managed by your web partners. We can set up and install full backups, monitoring, firewalls, and error tracking, just like on our own servers. You also have the option for us to set up a content delivery network (CDN), offsite redundancy and replication, or load balancing.


Using research and selecting the best date, content is collected for each of the areas of the new website. This allows to independently gather all the content for the site into one central area which is very helpful for ranking and makes for a client to search. The client finalizes the data that has to be put on the site

Setting up the website

As soon the designs have been coded into templates, content has been laid out for each area, and the content management system is being set up to handle each section of content. The templates are added and hooked up to display your content and coded so that upon handover, you have full control over editing your website.

Reviewing, Testing & Launching

After a complete preview of the website, a working copy is handed to the client with all the contents. It is up to the client to keep the site as it or can have it change. We perform a final test to ensure your site meets the standards of website and before launch we fully test the website, including links, page load speed, and search engine optimization, amongst other technical checks. Once we all are satisfied, the new site is can be up and running

Handover & Support

Our process doesn't finish at launch. After providing training on how to update the website, we are always ready help with any questions you may have. For most clients, we have either formal or informal support arrangements, allowing you to get full support for the months and years to come. Most clients don't stop working with us at this point, as we are usually looking at starting phase 2 developments, as well as initiating marketing campaigns to drive traffic.


At IT MANIA, we understand how important an effective website is for our clients. A number of our team members have many years of experience in web designing, and we bring this expertise to every project we take. We understand the web design process and with years of refining our process, we believe that we can offer you a modernized approach to taking your ideas and requirements, and delivering a website that is not only designed to the highest specifications, but also functional and on-target to achieve your business goals. We believe that it is an absolute requirement to bring every website project through a carefully planned route, to ensure the final product exceeds the business objectives.