Website Hosting

For the majority of our clients, we host their websites on our dedicated servers. The benefit of this is that we have our servers configured for our websites perfectly. We know the setup; we know the configuration, capabilities. When we put a new website onto our servers, we know it's going to work. Installation and launch is a smooth process.This solution is most popular with the majority of our clients, as it offers them a cost effective, feature rich, and most importantly worry-free solution to their hosting needs.

Managing dedicated servers

For some of our clients that require more resources and/or additional security, we do offer the option of setting up dedicated cloud servers for them and managing them as part of our network. This involves setting up a new server and customizing it specific for the website and client needs.The benefit here is that you get the peace of mind that you have the extra resources and security you need, while still being managed by your web partners. We can set up and install full backups, monitoring, firewalls, and error tracking, just like on our own servers. You also have the option for us to set up a content delivery network (CDN), offsite redundancy and replication, or load balancing.


Not only do you need a good website, you need to make sure it's available to internet users 24/7. This is where website hosting comes in. Clients have a number of options to host their websites and usually that depends on their traffic size and resource requirements. Mainly, the options to most websites are shared hosting, vps hosting, and dedicated servers.